Tips For Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Tips For Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Antiques and paintings are some of the most beautiful assets of any home. When you are planning to move out to a new accommodation, you would certainly want them to grace your new home. But, how will you pack and move them? They are not like our everyday denim and you have to be extremely cautious while packing. However, not to worry as the post below offers the best advice for safely moving antiques and fine art Exhibition Booth Design

Tips with painting

First of all, you should wrap up the painting in plastic or glassine to eliminate any risk of smudging. Then, layer them up with bubble wrap and secure the entire wrap with plastic tape. It’s good if you the original packet for the painting still intact. Then, you can just slide it through it and won’t need any other box while moving. But if you don’t have it any more, look for the bicycle or TV box. If you have somehow managed a big box for all the paintings, make sure to bed it up with packing paper first. Then add a layer of bubble wrap. If possible stack the paintings vertically. Insert crumpled packing paper in between the paintings while filling up the box. After you have stacked everything, fill up the remaining part of the box with crumpled packing paper.

Tips with antique furniture and sculptures

You have to follow the same procedure as you will do with the paintings. First you will wrap each of the pieces in packing paper followed by bubble wrap. Then, seal it plastic tape and also add on moving blanket to ensure another layer of protection. Can you disassemble your antique furniture? It will make your hauling easier. Moreover, make sure to get individual packing boxes for each sculpture.

Pack loose parts separately

Though often ignored yet it is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when you are packing fine art or antique items. Some of your furniture might have some removable parts. You must take them out before you pack the main body. The loose parts should be kept in a separate box.

Label them as “fragile”

As with all your packing boxes, you must label up all the boxes containing your paintings or other fine art pieces. As you do that, don’t just write down what’s inside the box. Rather you should also mark the box as “fragile” like the way we do with our airport luggage. It will help the movers to be more cautious while handling these items.

Consult a moving company

A good option would be to leave these specialty items to professional movers. Even if you pack them yourself, the lifting and moving should be done by a pro. Just make sure they hold extensive experience in safely handling fine art and antique valuables. Also, your chosen company should provide Full Value Protection coverage for your delicate items.

Moving the fine art items is no rocket science. You just have to be little more systematic, mindful and cautious.